Acrylic on canvas

In this serie, Marianne Grønnow moves into an abstractive track, which has always been a suffused undercurrent in her works. The prime principle in these powerful paintings is the geometrical forms which interweave in and out of each other in both visual and tactile layers, creating complex depths and levels in the paintings.

The exhibition title Light. Dusk. Darkness. serves to emphasise colour graduations in the works, stretching from a black foundation to white rectangles, and between transparent and graduated layers to areas where the colour is dense, opaque and intensely clear. The paintings shift from light to dark, from compact to feather-light, creating a vibration motion that despite the uncompromising expression, captures the organic sense implied in the exhibition’s title: a snapshot capturing both night and day.

Excerpts from Press release. Dina Vester Feilberg, Gallery Lars Olsen, 2012

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